Warm Up Key Lighting

  • What do you notice about the light on the subjects face? I notice that the subject’s face has shadows.
  • When filming, what situations would this light be appropriate?  What effect does it give?  What message will it translate to the viewer? In filming the light would be appropriate when you want to create a mysterious or suspension in a horror film. It gives a shady look. The message will be as if we are trying to hide something.
  • How can we eliminate the dark shadows on the face or how can we change the mood of this scene? We can eliminate the shadows by adding more light or  placing the light in a different position. We can also change it by the photographer changing angles.
  • When filming, what situations would the use of 2 lights be effective? What mood is conveyed to the viewer when using 2 lights? When filming the use of two lights would be effective if were trying to add  more contrast to the subject. There would be more light so the mood would be maybe more neutral.
  • What effect does the backlight have on the subject? The effect it gives is as if something spectacular has just happened and the backlight is like the spot light.